Chelsea Barracks – a new residential development in Chelsea, London

chelsea The redevelopment of the site of the former Chelsea Barracks will provide new homes with a mix of private homes for sale and affordable homes including ‘extra care’ housing for the elderly. The variety of sizes and types of homes including apartments, town and mews houses is intended to help the development ‘blend in’. The three blocks that make up phase 1 contain 74 apartments that range in size from 1 to 6 bedrooms. This phase will also provide a cafe on the corner of block 1 to help animate the new public entrance to the site on Pimlico Road. The 74 apartments in phase one are expected to have price tags ranging from £2 million to £50 million and are scheduled to be completed by 2018, reported Evening Standard in March 2015 when construction started on site. Phase 2 consists of 15 townhouses divided between two blocks which are 4 storeys at the front and 5 storeys to the rear, as the designs include a sunken rear garden. Some of the properties will have summerhouses in their rear garden. Phase 3 consists of 2 blocks, one of which will be a mews house and another which will be a restaurant and delicatessen, forming one side of a new public square. It is intended to temporarily use Phase 3A as a marketing suite and show apartment while the rest of the site is being constructed. A separate application has been made to Westminster City Council for this use. Phase 3B: Phase 3b includes residential use and retail use, along with the conversion of the Chapel. Design work for this phase is in the early stages. Phase 4: Phase 4 will contain 3 apartment buildings arranged around a private courtyard. The designer for this phase is said to be Eric Parry Architects. Phase 5: Phase 5 will contain new townhouses arranged around a square. Phase6: Phase 6 contains private apartments, affordable housing and community facilities, such as a sports centre, health facility and retail. Based on: